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The Newest Titanium Bicycle Handlebars, Ti 22.2mm Or 31.8mm Size Ti Bike Handlebars Directly From XACD Factory, China, Is The Most Welcomed Handlebars?

Xi'an Changda Metalwork Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 17, 2017

The newest Titanium Bicycle Handlebars, Ti 22.2mm or 31.8mm size Ti bike handlebars directly from XACD factory, China, is the most welcomed handlebars?

It is made by Gr.9, Ti3AL2.5V, the tube diameter could be 22.2,31.8mm or other sizes.

We also can make other types of China made Titanium Handlebars, or Titanium Road bike frames, mountain bicycle frames, seat post, stem, and so on.

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